Miyo Sada

A sim I made for “The Quest for Oasis”

Name: Miyo Sada (Nicknamed “Mi”)

Age Group: Teen
Age: 15

Gender: female

Looks: usually smiling, not too thin, enjoys being comfortable

Traits: Cheerful, Active
Aspiration: Master Chef

Bio: From a young age, Miyo spent most of her time with her father, tending their small snack shop that lined a busy shopping street in Sim City. Shortly after she turned 15, Miyo began to notice a strange old man visit them at precisely the same time every morning. Not so unusual… until she noticed he had been taking notes on everything she did! Angrily, she confronted him but his calm demeanor took her by surprise. What he said next would change her life forever.
“We need contestants like you. You could be The Chosen One…”

Strengths: ability to take care of herself, good at identifying edible vegetation, fairly agile

Weaknesses: too trusting of others, cautious of the dark, stubborn


Made for The Quest for Oasis

I might use her for something in the future. I’m not too great with plots but who knows!
I like her. 🙂

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