ISBI: Aging Gracefully

Eva and Bray both age up and the kids are lazy.

We’re getting to the time where the game is starting to become frustrating. The kids rarely do their homework so they sit and watch TV all night. At least they don’t ignore each other…

It’s amazing to me that Eva has already reached the end of her young adult days. Looking forward, she baked herself a cake and celebrated! Edward turned out to be a great singer at their little celebration.

A few days later, Bray received notice that he’d be an elder soon. He worried that Eva wouldn’t care for him anymore but she reassured him that her feelings wouldn’t change.

She made his favorite cake (chocolate, like the rest of the family) and he stepped up to the plate…

Eva shows off her singing skills, just like Edward.
At this point, we’re caught up to where I left off back in November. I was surprised to see Eva looking upset. However, I think they had just come home from work. She’s never happy after work (who is?).

With all the birthdays in the house, there’s been cake coming out the wazoo.

Bray isn’t going to complain.

As for the boys, it’s chips and race cars for breakfast. Very nutritious. I’m starting to wonder if Ben’s upcoming birthday will change their brotherly dynamic…

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