Chapter 30: Maggie’s Death

The kids meet their cousins, three ghosts visit, and Maggie leaves with them.

After meeting the triplets the night before, I decided to have the kids get to know the rest of their cousins. There are pretty many now so I thought it was important. Tachi (I keep wanting to call him Haru, ha!) went to visit a couple houses before coming home with those he had collected. Hiro was getting ready to age up and I didn’t want to miss it!

Tada! Hiro aged up and turned into a little cutie, per usual. He did roll a trait I was hoping to avoid: INSANE. He also rolled Whiz Kid like his brother so they can play each other in chess now. Bingo!

Tachi introduced Hiro to all of the cousins he had already met and then the whole lot of them continued on their quest. I didn’t get any pictures because I was trying to do it as quickly as possible before Maggie died…

Just sharing for that flirty smirk of his (he wasn’t actually flirty, but that’s what it made me think of)
While the kids were meeting their cousins, Michiru was painting. She sold a bunch of older paintings that were good enough for the gallery and now she’s working on creating excellent paintings. It’s harder than it looks. The one on the left is excellent but I really like the one on the right. It fits with their family heritage, I think.
The kids brought the cousins over and they tried to invite over as many aunts and uncles as possible (some had to work). The ghosts even showed up after a while! Maggie got to meet her oldest grandchild, Skyler, and even became friends with her.
Side note, I’ve never seen three ghosts come out at once. Whoooaaaaaa

After the guests left, I saw Spencer at the sink and thought, could he be repairing it? No, he was just cleaning. Still, that’s pretty nice of him.

Maggie has been spending her days doing amazing things for the house and garden. She’s been evolving the plants and having stay-at-home Adriel learn the ins and outs of the garden. I figure he needs to learn the skill since everyone has been coasting on Maggie’s talents. This goes for handiness as well. Maggie also upgraded a TON of stuff. Almost all of the plumbing has the extra special perks (bidets, soap dispensers). The coffee and tea pots have the infusers installed. The oven and fridge got their advancements, too, and FINALLY the stereo, TV, and computer. Well, almost. Just as Maggie was about to start upgrading the computer I heard the ominous music start up.

Oh dear. Lovely Maggie, we’ll all miss you terribly!!!

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