Chapter 28: Tachi

The garden is lucrative, Tachi has normal eyes, and Michiru finds out she’s pregnant again.

Maggie is still a long way off from her “elderly demise”. Great news because she’s still waiting on her fourth grandchild. More great news, she reached level ten of gardening! Also, once you’ve been growing a garden for four generations the produce starts to become pretty lucrative. $2k for onions! I had $20k in the account after I sold a week’s worth. I bought a fancy double bed and a fancy single bed. I sort of regret this, now, because I’m sure the bills are going to be awful. We’ll have to cross our fingers…
Also… Tachi aged up! He earned the good trait like his mum. Look – normal sized eyes (for now)! I did download that mod for that glitch and I’m crossing my fingers that it works when he ages up.
Bit of crazy eyes there, huh?
It was early Friday morning when he aged up so he went to work on his homework right away. Maggie came to help him and Takeo sat nearby to chime in where he saw fit. I sort of miss the freaked out ghost reaction. I feel like the first time you see a ghost of any sort you’d be like “HOLY CRAP” and then it just became normal. I’m wanting too much, I know.

Elsewhere in the house, Adriel got to reading. His aspiration is Renaissance Sim and that requires him to read 3 books. Off to work he goes! (Once he finished that first part it wanted him to gain a level in his job. Oops. Guess he’s done!)

Check out Tachi in the background tearing it up
Tachi really seems to enjoy dancing. Good, because he needs to build up his motor skills so he can get out of the C zone.

Aunt Sakura came over in her party wear (why?) and the two shared a moment in the music.

It’s a sibling fest, apparently, because Elisabeth came over for a visit, too. Tada, pregnant! The next grandchild can’t be too far off for Maggie. She’s waiting eagerly…

Back inside, Michiru has another surprise. Pregnant, again!

They’re happy. Still just boyfriend and girlfriend. Good. Maybe they’ll tie the knot when their kids are older. They can have a big wedding! The whole town can attend (meaning the whole family) and it will be glorious. Goals for the future…

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