The Xilla Project: The Invitation

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

Today I woke up from a nap with a song in my head.

09-28-17_12-01-25 AM


It was very strange because I’ve only heard one song before and that was when I was a baby. Pixit sang it to me during playtime. This new song was sung by a boy I’d never heard before.

Hello singers that I hear in my head,
I hope that you call me your friend.
I’m having a party, I’d like to suggest,
But if you can’t come I’ll sing while I rest!


I’m having a pool party
We’ll swim ’til it’s starry
Emmanuel has a pool!

Please respond in 4 days
So my mom can count plates!
That is my mom’s rule.

Oh! I almost forgot to say:
If you say you can come
I’ll send my address your way!

Is that weird or what? I decided to ask Lili if we could go. She was a little confused.

“How did you get this invitation? Was it email? Aren’t you supposed to ask me before you use the computer?”

“Noooo! It wasn’t email! I heard it in my head!”

Lili looked at me skeptically and then asked if I was sure about what I heard. I said yah, of course! She said I could try and respond if I wanted so I went ahead and did.

New friend, we can come!
Please send us your home address
Should I bring some chips?

I added the last part because it seemed like a polite thing to ask. He asked who we were and said we were welcome to come so I told him our names and he gave us his address and told us when it was! His name is Manny and he lives in Oasis Springs, too! Lili said they live across town from us but it won’t take forever to get there.

I think the party is next week so Lili said we can go shopping for a new swimsuit!


AN: The invitation was from allysimbuilds and the boy singing was Manny! I had Xilla reply in the form of a haiku because I thought it would be funny. Same goes for the chips part. If I were a child trying to be polite I would ask if I could bring anything, lol! (However, she did not bring chips.)

Also, I mentioned Pixit but I’m not sure you know who she is so look below for a shot from an earlier chapter. If you follow me on twitter you might remember MONTHS ago I did a poll on if you liked the name Xilla or Pixit more and Pixit lost. I thought it was an adorable name and I think SHE’S adorable so you can understand why I keep name dropping her, LOL.

08-29-17_10-18-39 PM


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        1. I’m not sure how I happened to miss so many of your comments, LOL. I haven’t seen Fern Gully since the 90s soooo my memory is as good as yours! XD


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