Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.1

Kazue here. Did you read my essay? I talked to my dad about my concerns and he laughed at me! I mean, he laughed first and then told me that it was sweet of me to worry but that he wasn’t going to give up being the heir. I am relieved. He told me I’ve been hanging around Aunt Angie too much because all her Watcher talk must have gone to my head.

Cousin Joclyn thinks I’m overreacting, too. I told her what I was worried about and she rolled her eyes. “This sort of thing just doesn’t happen in real life. You’ve been reading too many graphic novels…” (She doesn’t know my reading habits (even though she’s right!))

05 01 16 4 20 40  PM


Despite knowing everything is staying the way it is I still have an uneasy feeling. It’s as if something big is going to happen to our family anyway…

Perhaps it will just end up being something unexpected with my siblings. Like maybe my goody-two-shoes twin will meet a girl and knock her up. (He wouldn’t so that’s why I’m saying it!)

05 01 16 5 10 35  PM


Or maybe my mom will get pregnant and have another baby even though our house is crowded enough as is and she has four teenage children already. (This is something that could happen, unfortunately…)

05 13 16 7 24 56  PM


I just need to let my worries go and focus on more important things…

05 13 16 9 32 48  PM


…like how I’m going to get any of my homework done before we leave for our family vacation this week. (My younger siblings won’t stop talking…)

05 13 16 9 34 13  PM


– – – – – – –

Dun dun dunnnnnnn! WELCOME TO THE LAKE HOUSE!

05 13 16 10 33 27  PM

Isn’t it pretty? It could do with a few more walls and doors (my parent’s bedroom has no door! Ugh!) Ignore my brother there. And my parents.

Oh yeah, and this is Miyako speaking now. Forget my sister, K. She writes a lot but I talk a lot. OH, super off topic, but Ichiro can chow down and finish a plate of food in minutes. It’s astounding. I mean, I LOVE food. I just eat a lot slower. And take pics of my food for simstagram. My mom calls me a real foodie so it’s expected of me, really.

05 13 16 10 49 38  PM

Anyway, this vacation has been in the works for a while (like, right before Grandma died) but Mom and Dad wanted us all to feel a little better before we took off. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside which is great because I LOVE the outside. This vacation was a dream come true. K wanted to go somewhere with a hotel but I was like, “nah, this is good stuff!” We can all sit by the fire pit and just hang out!

05 13 16 10 47 03  PM

OH OH, and since I just started learning guitar I can serenade everyone! I love Love LOVE music! It’s what I think I want to do with my life. Maybe I’ll be a famous singer or something. My siblings don’t think my playing is too great right now but they’ll see; I’ll show them!

05 13 16 10 45 02  PM

We only stayed for a couple nights but the first night there I stayed up super late outside looking at the stars. By the time I came back in my parents were sitting in the kitchen playing cards. They said my siblings were already asleep and they were right! Completely passed out. I guess we were tired. We traveled most of the afternoon to get there. I was tired, too, so I fell asleep easy.

05 13 16 11 06 40  PM

Also, TMI, but I’m glad I fell asleep because I just know what Mom and Dad were probably up to… (Gross!) We kids have been trying to stay out of the house when they’re in it because… well… you know. We’re not idiots.

05 13 16 11 05 57  PM

All the kids slept until way late in the morning. I did wake up for a moment when it was just getting light outside and could smell food downstairs but I wasn’t awake enough to get up and go get some. (AN: Good thing!)

05 13 16 10 25 26  PM


05 13 16 10 27 40  PM


Once I did wake up I was happy that they had left us some food. By that time they were outside by the lake fishing a little. Most of us decided after breakfast to try to fish, too. Only a couple of us were successful. I think me and Ichiro. Dad said that was because we’re both naturals. Cool.

05 13 16 10 36 32  PM


We took a hike after that and mom picked a bunch of herbs and junk. She’s really into herbalism right now. I think she’s been talking to Frankie about it. I think that’s also why we took a vacation here instead of a resort like my sister wanted. (I think she just wanted wifi, honestly.)

So, the night before we left we kids had some movie time and watched a horror flick while my parents went to get some extra supplies for dinner. My weirdo twin refused to sit on the floor and instead stood the whole time just staring at the tv and eating cereal. IDK, it was weird. Ichiro was in his own world and thinking about something or other because he looked like he was playing air guitar (he’s never picked up a guitar in his life!). K and I talked the whole time. There weren’t that many options to watch and this was a pretty boring movie, tbh.

05 13 16 11 11 32  PM


When it was over and my parents got back we all went out back by the fire and cooked the food they brought. It was awesome! Everyone was there and I decided to show off my guitar skills. Everyone was smiling and nice to me about my playing. I can sing pretty nice but it was cool that I could play along. Yessss.

05 13 16 11 34 01  PM

I hope we can go on vacation again some day… Maybe when we’re older we can go without our parents! Anyway, this is Miyako signing off! ❤

next chapter

– – – – – – – –

AN: Most of you know (or, I assume you know) that I screenshot first and then write about what I end up with. In this case I was like, “so, who do I have the most pics of?” Turns out the camping trip was all about Miyako! She was so cute with all her expressions and her little guitar (and I LOVE her hairstyle!) Since I’m going back to alternating gender I know I’ll pick one of the girls and it might be hard on me when I see who’s pulled ahead at the end! Personality wise I’ve decided to go with Kazue as a little more mature but still a bit geeky and Miyako as a bit younger sounding and excitable. Basically they’re both like me in different ways (except I’m not super mature, LOL). I’m still going to have the boys talk a bit but not at the moment. Maybe in the next chapter. You still have to meet the girl Ichiro was talking to in the first part!

Anyway, here are closeups of the genetics in the family. Seiji and Miyako especially look like Ikedas. Miyako could be Aya’s daughter, lol.

For the forgetful:
August & Amira
Ichiro & Kazue
Seiji & Miyako


  1. This was so funny, I love them! And Kazue is like the prettiest teen sim I’ve ever seen!

    But I was a little lost at times (I thought Kazue was a boy name until the end :D), so I guess I’m gonna read the previous generation soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ack, I’m sorry! Yeah, I’ve trapped myself in this naming scheme so they’re mostly unfamiliar to me until I find them.

      And Kazue is super cute! They all are, ugh. Such a pretty family.


  2. Its letting me comment now. I guess I had a bad connection or something. So yeah I’m following this now and enjoying it. I think I like Miyoko the best of this gen and the vacation cemented it. Nice chapter and the genetics is helpful for me since when binge reading stuff runs together. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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