Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.6

So, I’m a dad. Eddie’s a dad, too. Amira and I beat Eddie and Shauna to a kid by a nose.

I’ll backtrack a bit.

Eddie and Shauna found out about their kid a little after we did. It’s been rough since Dad died so our house was full of happy people again.


Well, except our mother. She was not happy when the gals told her about their pregnancies at the same time. She actually sobbed!

Whatever, mom! You know you’re going to love them… (Right?!)

Despite her initial displeasure in the news (I’m still not over her reaction) it didn’t stop her from loving them all the same. They even started having girls nights.



Sometimes the gals had their siblings over to visit, too. They were all looking forward to being aunts and uncles.


At one of our prenatal checkups, we told the doctor we wanted to be surprised when the kid got to us. She looked unsure and was all “Okay… if you’re sure… it’ll be a big surprise.” Amira was worried from that but I was like “Nah, it’ll be fine. Surprises are great!”


Maybe we should have listened.


We had twins: one boy and one girl. I guess I have the twin gene.



I wonder if they’ll have ears like we have. Mom has secret elf blood, I think. She denies it but I’ll find out, you wait and see.

We decided to go back to the Ikeda naming tradition. My generation was a fluke because dad was so weird. Years in the future people will look at our family tree and go “August? What happened in generation 11?” Anyway, we went with Ichiro (first son) and Kazue (branch; first blessing; harmonious).

We’ve got our hands full…

Eddie, stuck in the “new thinking ways” of SimCity, named his daughter Joclyn. I think Shauna had more to say about it than he did but whatever.


I think it’ll be nice to have three kids in the house for a while. I guess Eddie and Shauna will move out once they get too big? Mom says she isn’t leaving this house and Angie’s set on staying until the “right time comes”.


Who knows when that’ll be. Maybe she’ll be the crazy aunt that lives with us… I hope not – she has so much potential! She could be like a yoga guru artist genius or something.


Only time will tell.

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