Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.4

August here. Amira and I are still a couple. I’ve been working my ass off trying to show her what a good husband I’d make.

02 27 16 7 48 56  AM  02 27 16 7 55 50  AM


It’s a miracle that we are, though. I tried proposing again and was again rejected. Yeah, you must think I’m crazy. She does. Her excuse is that it’s just not the right time. How?! I’m crazy in love with her and she knows! It’s not as bad as it was the first time, though.

02 27 16 7 59 05  AM


She dramatically flung it into the pond this time.

02 27 16 7 59 35  AM

(Maybe I should stop proposing next to water…)

Eddie is having better luck with Shauna.


That plum just proposed once and she accepted right away! (AN: That’s what he told August, at least…)


No, I’m not jealous…

I’m lucky that Angie’s still too young for getting engaged or she’d probably have me beat, too. (Note from the future: HA, HA HA HAAA!)

Eddie’s wedding date approached and we all gathered for the celebration. Before everyone got there, Amira and I stood by the arch and shared (what I thought was) a knowing glance. Maybe today would go my way, too?

02 27 16 9 25 01  AM


Mom made their cake. She is still awful at baking so I have no idea why we keep letting her do this. I guess she’s the best at it (that’s not saying anything). Maybe I should learn to bake for the sake of our family.

02 27 16 9 13 20  AM


It was a nice ceremony; Shauna’s parents and siblings all came and we got to meet everyone. (Her parents are the kissy ones.)

02 27 16 9 19 10  AM


02 27 16 9 20 51  AM


Good on you, bro. You did well!

02 27 16 9 29 22  AM


Anyway, while they shared their cake…

02 27 16 9 22 19  AM


…we slipped away…

02 27 16 9 30 54  AM


No one was the wiser.

02 27 16 9 33 25  AM

(Seriously, look at that awful “white” cake!)

I was feeling confident after our meeting. I was getting all the signals. A post woohoo proposal! That’ll do the trick! How could she say no?

02 27 16 9 36 08  AM 02 27 16 9 40 41  AM


Oh well. At least I didn’t have to retrieve my ring from the pond again. Even so, I’m a professional rejection expert now.

One day she’ll say yes.

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