Cloud Prettacy: 1.5

Having eight children in the house is hard for me. Cosmo could not care less about them. It’s annoying. He either sleeps, paints, or works.

01 16 16 2 27 35  PM

Sometimes he gets asked out by his lovers and sometimes his friends call him and they go out and fill up their fun meters…

01 17 16 11 22 56  AM

But at home the kids seem content. They play games…

01 16 16 2 01 13  PM

They do homework together (it’s one of their Cloud Kids Club activities!)…

01 16 16 1 40 47  PM

They leave their books all over the floor…

01 16 16 1 43 22  PM

(THAT is a bug and it is driving me CRAZY!!! Someone fixed it, though!!!)

Sometimes their mothers come over!

01 16 16 1 48 55  PM

Mostly they go to school, come home, and attempt to do their homework. Oh, but they DO have uniforms now because they go to “private school”! LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!

01 16 16 3 30 13  PM

Some of the fortunate ones have lives outside of the house. Selena was asked to join Paragons!

01 17 16 11 48 38  AM

I mean, her mother IS Eva so it’s no surprise to me. The guy in Paragons doesn’t like kids, though. It’s inconvenient for him. Selena doesn’t mind. She feels accepted. I hope that they don’t ditch her when she ages up…

Speaking of aging up, Draco’s time had finally come! Cosmo took a day off work to bake a cake for his firstborn.

01 17 16 12 17 25  PM

Draco was a confident little plum…

draco cute kid 01 17 16 12 26 52  PM

AAAAH! (Does he look a little like Colin Morgan or some other actor to anyone else or is it just me?)


He seems pleased with himself, at least! That’s what matters! Keep your chin up, Draco!

01 17 16 12 30 03  PM


next chapter


    1. I’ll have to see where I found them but I loooove them! There’s a mod I have that has a different schedule and the kids wear their formalwear to school. I’m really considering making it their only formalwear because my sims never dress up, lol. Sometimes they go to school in their party dresses 😛

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    1. The slider mod is the best thing I’ve ever downloaded by mistake, haha! (You can see the link in the comment before.) I got it for the eye glitch we had ages ago and then found out the ears were a nice little perk!


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