Marit Tor

My submission for Hawika’s Amazon Court

Marit, sadly, did not get the position of Provider in Hawika’s Court. However, she appears in the story so I suggest you check it out anyway because the Wahine Tribe is a great story!

She’ll also be in my neighborhood rotation so you’ll see her (and her family) soon! 🙂

Marit Tor

Tor Tribe (Norse “Thunder”)



Link to Gallery: CC used; meggles87 is my origin
CC Used: CC Tracker isn’t working SO I’m only excited about this hair: Margaery Tyrell Hair

Office sought: Provider
Backstory and why they wish to serve:
Creator Hilde of the Northern Tor Tribe thought she was cursed. As the seventh generation creator of her tribe, she was already near the end of her child bearing years and had yet to conceive an heiress, let alone any child (it was not for lack of trying, either). She consulted her council and it was decided that her Shaman would concoct a potion to help her with her fertility. With great fortune, this helped her conceive a Creator Heiress she called Marit.

For many years Marit was an only child. Hilde, displeased with her inability to conceive again, consulted a Shaman from a distant tribe. This time she went through a secret ceremony and returned from the tribe seemingly rejuvenated and young again, almost like an older sister to pre-teen Marit. Hilde was able to conceive easily and produced nine more children over the course of the years.

As the eldest, Marit helped their tribe’s provider care for the increasing amount of children, becoming quite apt in the task. She helped in the kitchen and made special meals for her siblings when they requested them. At night she sang to the little ones to get them to sleep, sometimes playing an instrument to entertain them. At age seventeen, Marit nearly ran the household.

Now that her siblings are older, Marit misses the closeness she once felt to them as children. They love her as a mother but now they’re more occupied with their tasks of growing up. Marit also knows that even though she will be the next Creator of her tribe, her mother could live for many moons more. Marit has several more sisters of equal talent and mind and any of them would be qualified to become the next Creator.

When news reached their tribe that Queen Hawika was looking for a royal court Marit jumped at the chance; she knew she was more than qualified for the role of provider. She had one problem, however, and that was that she was carrying her first child. Still, she knew she had nothing to lose and she traveled far away to see if she would be honored with a chance at becoming a member of Queen Hawika’s court.


(Note: Her ears are elf-pointy so you could explain her ears in one of two ways (or do your own thing 🙂 ): 1. her genetics (that’s just the nationality of her tribe) or 2. from the fertility potion her mother drank all those years ago.)


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