Cecelia Cooke

1st submission for Love Shot: Wildstyle!

We don’t yet know if Cecelia made it in… HOWEVER, I wanted her in my rotation! So, I had her move in with two roommates she met during auditions: Sidney & Tawnie.

Cecelia Cooke
Good | Squeamish | Music Lover
Muser | Bestselling Author
Download here or by searching #LSBachelor on the gallery

For as long as she could remember Cecelia has been creating stories. As the only child of an elementary teacher and a piano professor she had no end to the amount of creativity that surrounded her. At home she made up stories with her doll house and incorporated those stories into writing assignments for school; her teachers loved them! Her classmates called her a teacher’s pet but she did her best to ignore their taunts. (She was a good girl, of course, and didn’t want to make waves.) She discovered fanfiction as a teenager and stayed up late every night writing crossovers between her favorite intergalactic smuggler from one TV show and mad scientist doctor from another. Besides her writing, she studied piano with her father, an activity that came easy to her as a music lover.

Her passion for writing carried over into college where she studied literature. While there, she met a total nerd named Nolan and fell fast in love. They got engaged at the tender age of nineteen and moved into an apartment together. Her parents, naturally, were worried about their only daughter but she shooed them aside. She had been so reserved and well behaved for her whole life that the new freedom she had was addicting. However, her grades began to slip and by the middle of her sophomore year she had been put on notice by almost all of her professors.

Nolan, on the other hand, was a programming genius and had been working with friends on “the next big thing” in social media… and they actually succeeded! With newfound notoriety and investors for a startup, he and his friends made plans to drop out of school and move to the big city. Cecelia thought she was going with him but Nolan had other ideas. He broke off their engagement, telling her that he had more offers for woohoo now than ever before and he didn’t want to be tied down in the prime of his life*. Apparently it wasn’t the true love Cecelia had imagined.

Heartbroken, Cecelia dropped out of school and moved back home, feeling shame whenever she left the house. Her parents did their best to lift her spirits but it was of no use. She took a job in a coffee shop but had to quit because the task of cleaning the machines made her feel sick to her stomach (she’s quite squeamish). After a year of moping, an old friend came back into her life and inspired her to go back to school and finish her degree.

Now, four years later, Cecelia has her degree and a job as a professional blogger (she’s even authored a series of books). She’s much happier with herself and has completely gotten over her first heartbreak.

Cecelia’s finally ready to write her name on your heart (in a literary way, of course).


Celia is CC free and has lots of skills:

  • Level 5 in cooking and baking
  • 3-4 in fitness
  • 4-5 in video games
  • 6-7 in writing
  • 7 in piano
  • 1-3 in a few others

(*Nolan is a massively unattractive person personality (and physical) wise so he should have been smart enough to know the ladies want him for his money. Whatever to him. Cecelia is better off! :tongue: )


      1. ok, I was just wondering. I have a few sims up on the gallery and I was wonder about where to wait and put the sims up or if i should just wait with his skills or before I play with them. Thanks, Have you seen my latest chapter. It called Birthdays

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ohhh, I see! If I think about it, actually, non-legacy I definitely wait a while to upload. I’m not one to just create characters but I’m finding it a lot more fun! I sort of want to remake all the townies in a new save and see what happens. 🙂

          I haven’t seen your new update but I am a little behind! I will try and take a look during lunch today! 😀


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