Chapter 86: So Long, Legacy

We decide it’s time to move on…

Following the death of Malik, the last group of kids aged up into teens. Daichi and Eiji both rolled my favorite aspiration: public enemy. Ugh. Daichi now has the traits of lazy and goofball and Eiji has mean and perfectionist. Despite his mean trait, I still want Eiji to be the heir.

Well, look at this guy:

07-23-15_10-33 PM

Eiji, you nerd! Get out! I love you.

07-23-15_10-34 PM-2

Daichi, on the other hand, is your more conventional sort of attractive.

07-23-15_10-35 PM-3

Such a flirt!

07-23-15_10-35 PM-5

So, I shared this on the threads but I had to share again because Eiji chose the weirdest outfit when he became a teenager:

07-23-15_12-15 AM

Bless you, Spa Day, for that shirt…

After I loaded up this weekend, I began to have a ton of problems. Time would freeze and when it would come back we would be an hour or two later.

Chiyo’s birthday was fast approaching and I needed to make her a cake! Well, I wanted her future husband to age up first so we invited him over. Kaori made a cake but someone took a slice before she could put candles on. She made another cake and got candles on it! Jack stepped up and grew into a young adult! Hooray! Before I could add a second set of candles, other dorks in the house were coming for it. I tried to get it into the locked kitchen but they STILL managed to take three slices. I had the future Mr. Chiyo make a cake (because he lived with us now) and the game froze somewhat. Right before it froze, however, I saw a whim with a flame in it. Like, a fire flame. I thought, “wouldn’t it be awful if he started a fire?”

07-26-15_12-29 PM-2

He did. A game-half hour later there was a fire and Suzu, of all people, was in the thick of it!

07-26-15_12-31 PM

She was on fire! It froze again and then came back with Kaori in the flame, too! They managed to put it out eventually.

07-26-15_12-33 PM

Chiyo finally aged herself up. Thank goodness.

07-26-15_12-37 PM

I tried to save several times after that but this is the point where my game started to crash and my save corrupted. I eventually had to roll back to a week old save made right after Malik died. The triplets were kids again.

I knew it was time to tie up my loose ends… I moved out Aya, Eiji, and Suzu and then did some moving of the main family… But I messed up and moved both households out and… all the furnishings were gone forever. Everything. I tried not to think about it because it’s just stupid things… What, I was going to take one more picture? I’m thankful I had this blog to document everything I was pleased with. I had to move on.

So, story time! Aya passed on…her secret for long life to Kaori and they managed to still be alive to see Kaori’s first grandchildren become teenagers! Wow!

Chiyo’s Family
07-27-15_12-11 AM
Sayuri’s Family
07-27-15_12-20 AM
Kimi’s Family
07-27-15_12-33 AM
Fuji’s Family
07-27-15_12-44 AM-3
Daichi’s Family
07-27-15_12-51 AM

Next, it’s time to say goodbye to the house…

07-26-15_11-58 PM-2 07-27-15_12-00 AM 07-27-15_12-01 AM 07-27-15_12-02 AM


Kaori and Aya will retire to Granite Falls to keep Suzu company while she writes her books. It will be relaxing for everyone, I’m sure.

07-27-15_12-57 AM
07-27-15_12-59 AM

Eiji, on the other hand, has a big project ahead of him…

07-27-15_1-03 AM

He’s got to Build Newcrest.

07-27-15_1-05 AM-2

So, the sad but official announcement: I’m done with the legacy. My save file is just SO BIG and there are so many people in the neighborhood that it’s become impossible to continue. Thankfully, Eiji will be doing the Build Newcrest Challenge and Suzu will be in the Amazon Challenge so you’ll see them again. I put everyone up on the gallery so if you’d like to have them in your neighborhoods you’re free to do so. Obviously, Aya, Eiji, and Suzu won’t be related to the rest if you take them all but there are cheats for that. They also won’t have hair or some outfits so you’ll just have to DEAL! 😉

So, I just want to say thank you for reading this legacy and for sticking around through all my procrastination and figuring out which style of blogging I liked best. Moving forward I’ll be trying new styles and will keep growing! Hooray!


  1. Congratulations. And. Sigh. It’s an end of an era. Let’s take a moment and remember blogspot and those first early posts! And all the wonderful weddings. And the paintings. And when Aya came to Plum Day and I wouldn’t let her leave! And… Chiyo is STILL at summer camp! LOL! I will let her leave–once the session is done!

    It’s been an amazing journey. And we’ve come to know and love so many Sims!

    I think we’ll have a big fall party for all the legacies that have finished. So… let your Simmies and our SimSelf know that there’s partying in store! 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Somehow, I love looking at that house empty with them coming into it! It’s quite symbolic. Like the end of a huge, long saga, and the heralding of new beginnings for everyone! 🙂

    Well done on finishing a legacy challenge! I agree with CathyTea, there are so many wonderful memories and Sims that were produced as a result of this epic story! You should be very proud of yourself. huggles

    Suzu!!! Can’t wait to read her story! 🙂 🙂

    Please please can Eiji have occasional dance parties as the mayor of Newcrest in his Magic Mike outfit? To raise money for town-building or charity or something, I don’t know! 😉

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Congratulations! That is such a great way to end the legacy; you did it with grace and flair in spite of your technical difficulties! Ha, the Magic Mike outfit was hilarious! Seeing him raising money or something in that occasionally would be a riot.

    It’ll will be fun following Suzu and Eiji, and see what you do with Newcrest!

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  4. Congratulations. What a time we’ve all had. Thank you for sharing your Legacy with us. I have truly enjoyed reading all about your family. I love that you described where/what everyone was going to do/go and the closure with the empty house was a beautiful way to end. Hugs and congratulations again! 🙂

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  5. Congratulations! Such a bittersweet moment there in the empty house. It reminds me of how I feel when I move, after the stuff’s all gone and things are clean and empty.. I have a moment of wanting a do-over. Heh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU’RE SUCH A CHAMP!!! Thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. 😀 I’m almost done with the next Suzu chapter but I want to make sure to have an outline for the next two chapters so I don’t mess up Suzu’s morals (I’m conflicted with something).


  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed this Legacy, I have since started(and caught up on) the Build Newcrest Legacy. You are a wonderful story teller, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so sweet to say this!! I truly appreciate the comment. ❤ ❤ You're also a champion for reading all of this! Build Newcrest will be back so do not fear! I've been playing vanilla for a bit and I need my mods back so I'm just taking my time. 🙂


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