Chapter 85: Sad Days

We say goodbye to Malik and greet Grim for (hopefully) the last time.

It took some time for the family to recover after the loss of Mamoru and Sonia but the children soon got back into their rhythm.
07-13-15_9-29 PMSayuri, the second daughter of the family, aged up several days before her younger sister, Suzu. She became very interested in her studies and looks like she’ll turn out to be almost the opposite of her younger sister.

07-13-15_9-32 PM

Sayuri has a pretty face but she cares less about her appearance than her sisters. Still, her hair looks amaaazing.

07-21-15_8-20 PMChiyo, on the other hand, acts a bit like her aunt Momo. She takes selfies all the time. It’s like she just knows that she’s pretty…
07-21-15_7-44 PM-2Kaori’s birthday snuck up on me as they tend to do. She was still mourning for her parents when she aged into an elder so she had double sadness for a while. She did lots of crying to make herself feel better…
07-21-15_7-23 PMI spent the past week in the game following Malik around just in case his time was coming.

07-21-15_7-58 PM

(I also really liked this shot!)

He still looks fantastic for his age but Grim keeps giving us warnings about his upcoming departure. In a perfect sim world no one would die, they would just go on vacation forever and come back for holidays and birthdays, amirite?
07-21-15_8-18 PMHe and Kaori spent the mornings before he had to go to work playing chess. This gave them the opportunity to chat and flirt together.
07-21-15_8-23 PM-2The kids have a tendency to build up their vacation days so I’ve started letting them take vacation if they’ve earned an A. Almost all the children stayed home from school for a day, minus a few exceptions.

Suzu has been hard at work at her first draft of her book: Suzu the Pirate Queen. She’s not sure it’s turning out the way she was expecting… On her next draft she might have to choose a different story idea.
07-21-15_8-37 PMWith so many kids in the house, the girls decided it would be a good idea to order pizza. There were no objections (except for the pizza delivery gal).
07-21-15_8-41 PMChiyo stayed home from school that day and she and Malik talked most of the afternoon. That was nice for them, I think. Everyone was home when the music hit.
07-21-15_8-57 PMA strange thing appeared for me: more defined “death swirls” (I don’t know what else to call them). I know it’s just a graphical thing but it looked really neat.
07-21-15_8-59 PMI queued up Kaori to “wail” at Grim but he didn’t take the time to acknowledge her. I was a little bummed but I knew it was time for him to go. Aya and the teenagers all came outside to grieve but the children did not come. I think it’s better this way because otherwise they would all be sad again…
07-21-15_9-00 PMKaori was devastated. She cried constantly because she was now a widow and her lover and best friend was gone. I felt so bad for her because they had full bars and that’s rare in this family (I often neglect them).
07-21-15_9-04 PMWith the children oblivious to the world around them, they made time to celebrate another birthday: Kimi.
07-21-15_9-10 PMShe aged up to look like her mother and grandmother with her father’s eyes. I chose her traits for variety and made her a serial romantic with the romantic trait to add to goofball.
07-21-15_9-12 PM-2

Every day I get a little closer to pulling Suzu out early and starting the tribe…

Soon… Soon…


    1. Totally! I had to call twice because they didn’t come to the door the first time! The second time they set it down and then five real minutes later a pop up said we didn’t grab it! Psh!

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