The Whitlock Family

This is my entry for AkramA’s High School Drama!

The Whitlock Family

Natsuki Ikeda, spare of generation 8, met Bailey Whitlock when she was just a teenager. They dated throughout high school and actually almost didn’t work out when he rejected her proposal(!) but they soon realized they were meant to be together and started their family. They had triplet boys: Caleb, Henry, and Derek, and all three are different.

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First, a bit about the parents.

Natsuki was a piano prodigy as a child and now boasts a career as a professional pianist. She accompanies instrumental and vocal students at the local university. She also gives piano lessons to local children and teens.

07-06-15_7-25 PMBailey, in his own right, is a musical genius. He is a professor of music at the same university as Nat and often works with the more gifted high school students in the town.

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Now for the boys…

Henry, the oldest of the three, is very studious. He’s also something of a neat freak. He’s smart, sure, and he wants to be a successful doctor but being a dad is his ultimate goal. Maybe he just wants to be a “cool dad” to his future children (he is childish, after all) but he thinks, who doesn’t want that?

07-06-15_7-21 PMCaleb is a different story. He’s all about staying fit! He knows his family isn’t in the best physical shape so he works hard to stay active and he dreams of becoming a huge bodybuilder. He plays all sorts of sports (and is pretty good!) but Watcher help him if he hurts himself. Even the smallest amount of blood makes him squeamish.

07-06-15_7-18 PMLastly, we have Derek. He’s the family’s resident oddball. He likes his alone time and spends a lot of time trolling the forums. He’s got a reputation on the WOSC (World of SimCraft) forums as being a real mean plum. Despite all this, he’s still nice to his mother and he’s actually a gifted guitarist and wouldn’t mind being a cool bartender some day.

07-06-15_7-16 PM-4So, there you have them! I hope they help you out! ❤


    1. I’m a musician so I didn’t even release the full nerd on them (I restrained myself, ha!)
      Derek is my favorite, too. Then I like Caleb’s look but Henry’s not awful. They were also born blonde in my game so I switched them to a more realistic look. 🙂

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        1. I play the flute and I sing classical soprano. :3 I’m the worst at piano. I learned enough to pass piano proficiency in college and barely did it. I want and need to learn, though…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s really beautiful! I’ve not played a wind instrument apart from a recorder in primary school, which isn’t really quite much to be honest! xD

            I love the sound of the guitar and bass, for more contemporary instruments, but am not that good at it. D:

            I’ll support you if you do go for classes again!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Haha! I appreciate your support! 😀 I have been thinking about getting out my piano method book and starting again but as soon as I get to four hands I blank and have the worst time. If I could ever get over that hump I might have a chance.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh I never really played four-handed songs! Only maybe a couple of times. As long as you can work it out solo, that should be fine! 🙂

                If you ever decide to pick it up again, I’m in your corner cheering with a piano shaped flag! And Oreo cookies. 😀

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                1. OH GEEZ, my bad. *four part, not hands. I sound like a dolt, haha!
                  Although, I have played 2-part (per person), four hand stuff with my more talented friends.

                  Like, I am seriously awful at piano!!! If I get better I will record myself. 😛

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                  1. No worries! I learnt classical piano from ABRSM (very traditional piano education with little improvisation), so I thought it was another method of learning from another school! Who knows, it might actually be used and taught by some people. 🙂

                    It’s always fun to collaborate! Yeah, four-part can be tricky to get around, but it’s nothing that can’t be picked up with practice! My playing is so simplified nowadays that I think I won’t be able to just sight read and play four-part songs fluently off the bat either. I look forward to hearing anything that you may record! 🙂

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