Chapter 74: Triple Trouble

The triplets age up and Tatsuya takes a risk.

I realized that I’ve been neglecting some of the family, namely, the triplets. These three guys have been ignored a lot of the time in my posts and I wanted to change that… just a little… in each post…
I decided to start with Tatsuya. He’s the oldest of the triplets and the one I was fondest of before he aged into a teen. His hairstyle was also the most distinct of the three so I had the easiest time remembering who’s who. Anyway, he’s trying to do well in his aspiration (mixologist) but he also has more important things to occupy his time with…like video games.

Still, he makes time to show off his skills to his siblings. Kaori visits him the most while he’s practicing. Tatsuya is lucky there are so many people in the house to taste his creations otherwise he’d be wasting a lot of money making drinks!

When it came time for their birthdays, Sami made a chocolate cake and called the three of them in. As the oldest, Tatsuya went first.

Tatsuya changed a lot when he aged into a young adult. He suddenly had a fleshed out story and personality! Whoa! He also had a new plan for his life… He dyed his hair, got some tattoos, and decided to leave the nest to audition for a bachelorette game show! He’s such a rebel! (NOT.)


Check out these skills! Maybe he’s got a chance after all. 

Tomio and Tsuneo, on the other hand, needed some help.
(Oh, they also dyed their hair. They look better with dark hair, I think.)
They, like Tatsuya, had no vision for their futures. Tomio’s party aspiration really threw me so I figured he’d probably be more into the club scene. Tsuneo wanted a family so…he’d tag along and see who he could find. Before heading out, Tomio found a job as a techie. Tsuneo couldn’t find a career he liked so he decided to wait a bit.
(Not my build. I found it in the popular downloads for the week on the gallery.
The shiny lights and colors attracted me to it but it’s actually not very functional…)
While there, Tomio chatted up the bartenders while Tsuneo talked with the only non-Ikeda, non-bartender on the lot. (Off topic, there are so many Ikedas in this neighborhood that I almost feel like I shouldn’t let the spares reproduce…) To my surprise, Tsuneo found someone first.
Her name is Kiley and she’s one of the few townies that was “born” in the game (when I had the MC mod installed). They courted, married, and moved out of the huge mansion where they were living with Tomio and Tatsuya.
The woman Tomio found was really cool! They’re almost best friends but… they’re just not feeling that spark yet. Her name is Sylvia and she started here as a bartender. She’s now a techie, too. I’m holding out hope but it’s not looking good. She’s a geek, romantic, and hates children. Maybe Tomio will be that fun uncle without kids.
(These counters are so white!)

So, to end…


Here he is!                                               
(This post was a formatting nightmare, I don’t know why. Ugh.)


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