Chapter 72: Twins Galore!

Sami gets engaged, Yoshi almost dies (sort of), and we meet two sets of twins…

Sonia doesn’t get enough love in these posts but I wanted to share that she’s moving her way up the artist easel! She’s high up in her career and just about to level ten in painting. I saw her working with clay in the house (who doesn’t do that in their free time, though?) and watched her place her creation. A LLAMA! I’ve never seen the llama before! He’s so happy and cute!

Sami’s so happy and cute, too! I’ve been neglecting her body building aspiration so I had her spend some time pushing the limits so she could move ahead. (I also took away the gym TV because everyone kept standing there watching soaps. Puh-leeease!)

In my game, I’m trying to have everyone just live while I focus on one sim at a time. There’s usually so much going on that Sami and Kendrick have had a chaste relationship. They move at their own pace. Kendrick, however, finally decided to pop the question.

The house is so full that they decided to have some private time in Mamo’s rocket. They’re going to hold off on a wedding for now, too.

Later, Sami was in a playful mood for some reason (unrelated to the previous excitement) so I had her make some gummibear pancakes. Yum! After a few sims each took a plate, I noticed that Yoshi had a new expression I don’t recall ever seeing: HYSTERICAL! I knew what that could turn into! He was dancing up a storm and I sent him straight to bed! Traci had it, too! I didn’t want them to die of laughter (not a death we’ve seen in this game) so I was relieved I had caught it. They threw the rest of the pancakes out…
Oh, Traci moved in, by the way! They got married! If you look closely in the above picture, you’ll see that she told Yoshi some good news! Hooray! They moved out after that announcement and are the first family to move into Newcrest.
OH, also I didn’t mention (whoa, Megs…) that Sora and Kierra had TWIN GIRLS! They’re already kids, too, and looking adorable.
Here we have Bianca…

…and Maggie.

Here’s a nice family shot:

Kierra and Sora raised a couple of cuties!

They’re so cute! Glasses! Sweater! Boots! Gah!

Misaki brought so much joy to Sami the last time she appeared (ha!) and she brought the same joy to Kaori. She had said something awkward. Mamo thought it was funny, at least.

Moving into the future, we’ve also met Yoshi and Traci’s first child…ren! They had twin girls just like older brother, Sora.
Meet Sidney and Emmalyn! I actually remembered their traits this time – Sidney has the squeamish trait and Emma has the insane trait (just like Grandpa Mamo and Uncle Tsuneo!)

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