Chapter 56: Super Genius!

Nade gardens, Mamo grows up, and the teens go out.

With one kid now a talented teenager (and a day off from school), I decided Nade should have some time to work on her own chores for a while. The family garden was back to being obnoxious and she wasn’t skilled high enough to revive her stinky plants. Soon.
With us reaching the end of this legacy challenge, I’m thinking what a shame it’ll be to let the garden and legacy house die away. What if I bulldoze the house and leave the garden and the graves and continue? I only worry about my save file getting too big. I probably won’t do that but… yeah. Maybe I could cheat and spawn plants? I don’t know yet.
Anyway, while I was watching Nade garden, I saw the familiar blue of the mailman stomping down the path behind the house. He looked pretty mad so Natsuki was the perfect person to interact with him!

She learned that he had the mean trait right away. Meant to be?

…maybe so. Does she think he’s sweet as cupcakes?

No, he’s just too mean for her. So she decided to slushie him.


Ha, she got him good!

She was quite pleased with herself. She could have apologized but I had her say goodbye. She was feeling pretty good after that display of meanness!

Once the kids came home from school, I had them get to work on their rambunctious scamp aspirations! They were on the same level and needed to get their hours typing in.
I am happy to report that Mamoru completed that aspiration as well!
As he only had one day left as a child, I set him to work on his artistic prodigy aspiration. He didn’t get very far BUT he did get a ton of points for getting to the second tier. I think that boost he gets from being a whiz kid really helped him. (He’s so smart!!)

I had him play violin for a few hours before his dad made him a birthday cake. Mamo strutted his cute little self into the kitchen.

*strut strut strut*

We have teen!!! Time to shave that stubble!

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out which mod that stubble is. I don’t like it! Almost every teen has it automatically and I say ENOUGH! I’ll figure it out eventually… I thought I had solved it once aleady.

He looks a bit more like his father. He’s definitely the most different looking of our heirs, in my opinion. I’ll have to do a side by side of each heir for one of our last posts. That will be fun to look at!

The hair he was give is THE BEST. I LOVE this custom hair! It is so unique. I know it’s a little weird but I don’t care. Top knots are fun.

To celebrate Mamo’s birthday, Nat decided they should make some friends! They went to visit one of the townie houses and met six teens: 3 guys and 3 gals. This night was important since they really only knew a few people outside of the family.

I forgot this guy’s name but he’s the one that Nat spoke to the most. I was fond of the guy behind her (also forgot his name/I’m the WORST) but she couldn’t get them all to sit together at the same time.

Mamo, on the other hand, made great strides in his introductions and had an equal level of friendliness with each teen. One in particular, Sofia Sonia Lance, stuck around the longest and they ended up hanging out well into the morning. Not having a curfew sure makes life easy and carefree!

Could we be looking at the mother of Gen 9?!

PS: I really miss the curfew system. What if I wanted to have a naughty teen? I can always use my imagination but it would be sort of fun to have them come home in a cop car…

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