State of the Legacy

It has been my goal to complete the Ikeda legacy before Get to Work arrives. I want to start fresh with a new Legacy and not lose any relatives from culling. Let’s be real, Legacy play is my favorite!!!

However, I didn’t realize how soon the expansion was coming and I don’t know if I can do it! I’ve been sitting on the next post for a month now. I’ve been really busy away from the game and haven’t had the words to write anything about my different saves when I do have time to sit down.

When I do open the game, I’ve got a neighborhood rotation happening in another save but nothing written about them and almost zero screen shots. I’ve got a Wonder Child that hasn’t been born yet because I took too many screen shots from the courtship PLUS I set my bar waaay too high with that intro. I also want to start the Time Lord Challenge.

AND AND right now I can’t open the game because Origin likes to stay open and Sims 4 likes to load forever. Dumb laptop.

So, that’s my whining for the day.

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