Chapter 44: Double Trouble

The twins cause trouble, Nade takes up jogging, and the ghosts eat a snack.

With Aunt Aya out of the house, the twins realized they had one less adult around to keep an eye on them. I discovered a little option on their menus that made them partners in crime. They planned to prank the school twice.

It sounds like things could get interesting around here… I can’t wait to see what happens at school!
Ah, my newest ghost, Michiru! Why so glum, darling?

She’s probably just hungry. Looks like Misaki has come for a visit as well. There’s nothing like a midnight ghost snack!

I’ve never kept track of which ghosts has met their descendants or not so since I had a moment, I had Tachi speak to their family’s founder. I like to think she gave him some good advice.
“Drink lots of youth potions and don’t become mortified.”

The next morning Tachi made some breakfast while everyone else fended for themselves. Nade doesn’t appear to be in the best mood.

Dani finally headed off to work after a three day vacation from her job. She’s a spy captain so she has to use her womanly wiles…


Nade wasn’t really feeling her current look so she started working out autonomously. I don’t know why since she’s a foodie but she’s also a perfectionist. It’s no surprise she’d like to be her best self.

Also, LOVE your shirt!
Looks like she’s still got the family clumsy trait (it’s not really a family trait but it may as well be).

But her hard work has really paid off. She’s hungry here, hence her expression. No, I didn’t starve her. She’s not like that.

Moving forward in real-time I took a day away from the game for New Years Eve (too busy!). Today I loaded up the game and tried to find where everyone went…

Not in the family room…

Not in the foyer…

Not the dining room or kitchen…

Ah, THERE you are, Tachi! Why are you giving me your signature look?

Yes, yes, I know the garden is annoying but that’s your job. I never made you get a real job. This one is better for the family, though. You just tend that garden and it pays the bills. Suck it up, buddy!
In kid news, Nade had a bad day at school. She got a lower score than she would have liked on her SDT (LOL, Sims Team…) and wanted to retake it. Her plan backfired.
As for the twin’s pranks…
Poor Kin. I guess you can’t win them all. The teachers probably had their eye on them after the first one.
I’ve been waiting for the twins to be friends enough to become BFFs and they FINALLY got there in the middle of the night! Celebratory picture!

After they solidified their destined friendship, the brothers went outside to sit by the pool and eat cereal. Why?  Beats me; that’s just what they did. Tachi was still up, too, and he didn’t seem to mind that his children were awake at this hour.

The next day while everyone was at school I sent Tachi to look for the missing plants from his garden. He collected all that he could and then came home. He might get the family closer to having a perfect garden. Now we just need someone to build a rocket. Maybe the next generation can try that so we can get those space plants!
Anyway, when Tachi came home everyone was awake and doing their own things. Most of the family was hungry, too, so I sent them to the kitchen.

Wait, what’s this? Dani was pregnant again! She happily told Tachi the good news.

She’s basically pregnant so I have another shot at a girl. I like Nade a lot but what if I like this second girl (if she’s a girl) more? Who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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