Chapter 43: Aya’s Adventure

Aya ages up and prepares to leave for Plum Day.

Following Michiru’s death, the family took several days to mourn and try to re-cooperate. Aya went along with her planning for her birthday but her heart wasn’t really in it. Before she called everyone over, she went on a trip around town to collect cousins and friends. She managed to pick up a great deal and brought them all back to her house; she also invited her brother, Hiro, to join them. One of her deceased great aunts, Elisabeth, was the entertainment for the evening and niece Nade made the birthday cake.
Aya aged into a lovely young adult, dressing the part.
She was still a bit bummed about her mother, so she celebrated only half heartedly. Cousin Colleen is a little concerned.
They did manage to have a decent enough time and shared their meal around the dining room table.

Aya told everyone about her upcoming trip and answered questions. As they talked about it, turns out that she had gotten the dates wrong. Way to go, Aya. She decided that she’d still have to leave the next morning and see what she could do once she got there. She already booked her ticket and everything…

Once their guests left for the evening she headed up to her bedroom to pack and reflect a little.

She had mixed feelings about the whole thing. She was really excited to leave the house and visit another place but she was also feeling a little guilty for leaving so soon after her mother’s death.

Tachi sensed that something was up so he headed up to visit his baby sister and give her some advice.

He told her that they’d still be here when she came back and that mom would have wanted her to go even though she sort of sprung the whole thing on them.

“Don’t feel guilty. You’re a young adult now. You have your whole life to live!”

Tachi’s response was just what Aya needed to hear.

“Thanks, Tachi. I promise I’ll write.”

The next morning they all had a nice breakfast before Aya said her goodbyes and headed off to celebrate Plum Day!

Have fun, Aya!

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