Chapter 39: Back from Hiatus and all is well!

Tiny Aya becomes a bodybuilder, Hiro becomes incredibly wealthy, and he and Aubrey surprise everyone with twins.

WELL, that was a longer break than I anticipated. A lot of reasons for it but now we’re back on track! I had a few screen grabs from before the month long break so let’s see what I can remember.
Ah, yes! Aya’s birthday! If you recall, Aya is one of the spares of Gen 6. Hiro is the other and we’ll need to go check on him and Aubrey and see how they’re doing…

This next one is just proof that Aya was actually at her own birthday party, haha.

Tada! Teenage time. She added the clumsy trait to her good trait and earned the high metabolism trait from her new aspiration: Body Builder. That sounds fun! She looks like she’d be interesting with that trait so I approve.

Aya has a strange sense of style that I corrected shortly after this was taken. Now she’s got a different look.

Ah, much better. One of her other outfits is an all black ensemble.

A while later that evening, I believe, it was time for Michiru to age into an elder.

She still looks amazing, gotta say. What is your secret? The Ikeda family has great genes. That’s got to be it.

Neighbor Tristan looks excited for some reason but I cannot figure out why. What is your DEAL, dude? You don’t even show up as one of Dani’s friends anymore. I was going to say I forgot who you were but I mentioned you in my last blog post so, congratulations.

Stop matching the walls in the study. It’s weird.

And thus ends the photos I took before my break. It was 5 AM Monday morning when I loaded up the family. Tachi (wanted to call him Toya again!) and Dani were fast asleep, Nadeshiko was sitting with the ghost of her great-great-great- (deep breath) great-grandpa, Jung; (G-G-Grandpa Spencer is in the background).

In the family room, Aya was working out on the treadmill and watching an action movie on TV.

Side note regarding paintings: I downloaded a lot of mods the other day before I got going again and there was one that replaced some of the emotional paintings so I think I’m only missing one (playful) that I really liked. Also the angry one where someone is burning down the house. At least I got a picture of that one because it was really amusing.

OH, I forgot! Dani is pregnant again! That’s good news. I completely forgot about it. A little pop-up reminded me that Dani and Tachi can take family leave. That was nice of the game to remind me, wasn’t it? (THAT REMINDS ME THAT I NEED TO PUT UP A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!)

Michiru wanted to visit Hiro that morning so everyone gathered together for a nice breakfast beforehand.

Nade ate the leftover microwave pastry rather than the excellent omelets her grandmother made. Weird.

Following breakfast Michiru, Tachi, and Dani left for Hiro and Aubreys’ home.

They have a really lovely house, don’t they?

They were invited in and took a peek around the house. I was expecting to see a bassinet because I saw the bottle on their family splash before they traveled to their place but instead I saw a child. TWO children, actually. Twins Alexa and Marcelo!

THEY LOOK SO MUCH LIKE THEIR PARENTS. I don’t remember if I’ve had a boy/girl twin set yet so this is really exciting. On second thought, Elizabeth had triplets with two girls and a boy so I guess there you go.

I had to share this next picture because Aubrey looks so pleased with her little girl.

Aubrey and Hiro are still very much in love. I mean, they should be since they’re perfect for each other.

The whole family got to talking and I had Tachi say something nice to Aubrey because their bars were still pretty red. He did but then immediately queued up a flirt so I cancelled it and sent him home. That is not something this family needs, let me tell you.

Following that close call, Michiru went to work and Dani went home as well. She’s still not popped yet so I’ll let you know in the next chapter…

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