ISBI: Eva Meets the Neighbors

Eva set to work immediately, setting up her home to look nice and calling about a job offer she had heard about. Her career as an assistant dishwasher hopefully won’t bring her down too much.

Once she had things in place, she made a party sized portion of grilled cheese. It’s good that she did, because she invited anyone who happened to be in the neighborhood over to her house to check it out.
Lots of familiar faces for me, not so much for poor Eva, here. She’s pretty friendly, though, so it’s not a problem. There’s another pink-eyebrowed guy there but she’s not looking for someone that matches her appearance so much. Think of the children…

This guy is Davis Rein. He was pretty attractive, Eva thought. But, oo, I just found out he doesn’t like children. That’s problematic if he’s going to be her significant other. Hm.

Oh, turns out that Davis and pink eyebrow guy are likely brothers! Pinky’s real name is Loren. They’re actually not familiar to me playing this game so maybe this will turn out to be a bad idea if she pursues Davis. Decisions, decisions…

Loren’s eyeballing her. Oh deeeaaar… After a chat, the boys decided to take their leave and Eva decided to take a quick walk. She spotted another neighbor immediately and jogged over. Her name is Joelle Stratton.

(They’ve got matching outfits!) She made her leave fairly quickly but another guy came walking around the corner…

Griffin Brice is his name and he’s not too bad looking. But… oh, CRAP, he’s married!

She said goodbye and moved on to the group near the picnic table. Met a couple of nice looking young men. Terence is the one across from her (she learned he had the ambitious trait) and the one sitting by her is Brayan (slob was the first trait she learned of him).

Eva invited him over for some time alone and…
…she sort of bombed. Thankfully, she was able to recover. He left after that…
Thus ends day one for Miss Eva. Hopefully the next day has better things in store for her.

For the next chapter, click here.


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