Credit Page

You may have noticed this but… I use a lot of custom content.

What? No way, really?!

Yes, Sarcastic Megan, it’s true. I could link to all the CC I use individually but that would be a daunting task (I DID DO THIS A LITTLE, THOUGH). Here’s what I can tell you:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, it’s probably from Mod the Sims because I download about 90% of their mods and CC.
  2. Most of the Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian inspired CC is from The Sims Resource…BUT some of it’s from MTS – here and here. Asian food: Lolineko Sims 4, Sweet Mint, The Asian Sims World, here, CC Colorful.
  3. A lot of the samurai stuff is from Sims 4 Download by Gazoul and Noir and Dark Sims.
  4. A few Chinese pieces are from Chi-Sims – one of the water basins, some decorated panes, the Guzheng (the stringed instrument), and the mathematics table in the temple (there are probably more, too!).
  5. Katana Accessory
  6. Other Katana (?)
  7. OMSP (clutter helper thing)
  8. Solid CAS Background
  9. Hidden Neighborhood Items
  10. My tumblr page has some other things I’ve put into my game. If I download from tumblr I try to reblog and like them so you should check it out.
  11. Afro Pin Up Girl hair (gorgeous!)
  12. Autumn Recolors (meshes and more goodies: Scarf, assorted cute outfits, kid wellington boots for adults, long sleeve dress)
  13. Anime Hair CC, Sailor Moon hair & Earrings (& other things), Totoro Toys
  14. Kiara’s hair & clothes
  15. Birksches hair, accessories, and sims
  16. Sims 4 Downloads & My Sims 4 Blog (they both link to other sites but it’s all organized)
  17. NINJAPIG! by Munterbacon
  18. Conversions by Mio-Sims
  19. Square Paintings!
  20. Baby bottle recolor
  21. Lolita stuff: dress, rabbit shoes, fluffy skirt
  22. Beret
  23. OrangeMittens is AMAZING!
  24. Holy moly, this food stuff!!!
  25. Tea set! (some other cool stuff by this creator)
  26. Kid angel wings
  27. Kid long floofy dress
  28. Dramatic eyelashes, less-dramatic eyelashes (lol)
  29. Skin! Different skin!
  30. Zerbu’s Cradle-to-Grave (teen mood swings!!!)
  31. Snow mod!
  32. Autumn mod!
  33. “Pregnant sims can do yoga”
  34. Hanging lights/lanterns
  35. Barrel shower
  36. Medieval toilet

Zerbu’s CC Tracker is AMAZING broken… cry

OBS (not yet!)

POSE PLAYER!singing, dance, ballet, child gymnastic, couple, odd male pose (lol),

You may have also noticed how cool some of the buildings in the Suzu Clan and my other stories are (or you will soon).

This concert hall from Glouryian on MTS is AMAZING. I’d like to use it in future games.

Once I share my Amazon Challenge I’ll update the links below 🙂
They’re all from the gallery. I tweaked the insides

  • Moon Spa (Japanese Temple Spa) by nogino
  • Moon Temple
  • Suzu Tribal Inn
  • Suzu Cemetery
  • Cherry Blossom Park
  • Kyo Tea House (Interior rebuild)
  • Kyo Tea Farm
  • Zen Garden
  • House by Tenillec98
  • Shogun Temple by Pocky_Attack
  • Market by EpletVictor

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