Pen Pals

On the forums CathyTea made a thread for pen pals! I do love a good pen pal so here’s where I’ll put my stuff!

Yuko Ikeda, 13th gen spare

Name: Yuko Ikeda
Age: 16-17
Hometown: Newcrest
Traits: geek, materialistic, (soon to be non-committal)
Hobbies: piano, guitar, karaoke

Looking For:

  • teen or YA pen pal
  • any gender
  • any type (sim, alien, vampire, elf, witch, etc.)
  • friends or something more (I don’t know how she’ll feel about relationships once she ages up – we’ll have to see)
  • someone who might want to visit each other (Sims 4 or others – I love collabs!)

Here’s her related post on the forum AND her intro post here.

About Her:

My name is Yuko and I’m a private high school student in Newcrest.

Both of my parents passed away a couple years ago but I’m finally getting used to life without them. I currently live with my sister and her family in our family house. They have three kids and they’re all pretty cute; I help out my brother-in-law all the time with the twins (they’re toddlers).

I also like music a lot and I’m hoping to be an entertainer or something one day.

Anywaaaaay, that’s a little bit about me! If you’d like to know more send me a letter!

XOXO, Yuko