Legacy Collab: New Year, New Gen!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven’t updated since September. It could be worse, though, I want you to remember that. I booted up my game and took a peek at where I left everyone aaaaand we’re good.

Just a quick reminder if you’re struggling with names (I am!) Rosie is the Gen 2 heir, her husband is Shaurya, and her children are Pearl and Ruby.

Pearl, our newest heir (wahoo!) was in the kitchen with our favorite blonde god (and new boyfriend), Moose. She was about to pass out from exhaustion, though, so I sent Moose home. (No pics, I guess. I don’t know where I was going with this information, haha!)

Once Pearl was rested I decided to have her express herself with her art. To the basement! I see no problem with starting a mural on the wall. This will be Pearl’s house some day so paint on!

01-09-18_6-01-10 PM

As soon as Rosie got home from work she earned a promotion and I had to pick master chef or mixologist. I FORGOT so I ran back to my blog super fast and figured it out. Master Chef it was! I didn’t get a screenie of that but here’s her next promotion! SCORE!

nice work rosie

The next day I checked in on Shaurya’s aspiration of Super Parent and he was up to aspiration level 4! HOWEVER, we’ll be ending it there because there’s no way in heck he’s going to get to level 10 from 6 before he croaks. Don’t forget that we’re on SHORTY SHORT SHORT!

01-09-18_5-49-39 PM

Life is indeed short as both of Rosie’s twins died…

andrew died2018-01-11 (2)

Why was Rosie spared when they both passed so soon? Maybe because she had more children than Lucie and that extended her life… Well, my MC settings let you age while you’re pregnant now so THAT’S done!

As you know Shaurya was running out of time? I wanted him to have a good relationship with his girls before he passed so they spent some quality time together…

01-11-18_6-29-19 PM

Good thing because he woke up from his nap with an urge to see Grimmy.

01-11-18_7-29-24 PM

I didn’t want Rosie to miss seeing him off so I sent her up to their room. She didn’t really seem to notice at first.

01-11-18_7-29-59 PM

“Sup, Grimmy?”

THEN she noticed.

01-11-18_7-31-14 PM

…Unfortunately we don’t have time for mourning. Life moves on.

Pearl must have aged up pretty soon after this because Moose did, too. Oh, and I saved this pic because of the last line – “looking rosy”. HEH, Rosie!

looking rosy ha

Anyway, with Pearl and Moose both young adults it was time to get busy.

01-11-18_8-18-51 PM

…unfortunately, younger sister, Ruby, was not informed of this. She wanted to take a nap in the big bed (or cry or something like that) and found her dear older sister and future brother in law trying to make her niece or nephew! She was rightly embarrassed!

01-11-18_8-16-45 PM

Luckily for us Pearl and Moose were far too in love to let themselves be embarrassed. Pearl proposed right there! Moose accepted!

01-11-18_8-17-23 PM

….Here’s a secret. It’s been weeks since I took those screenies and I’ve just booted up and there my babies are, queuing up for their elopement and pregnancy test! (Rosie, mother of Pearl (lol) is sleeping in her bed.)

02-13-18_5-35-50 PM.png

Are we boring you, Pearl?

02-13-18_5-37-09 PM.png

Yay, married. Now check for a nooboo…

Classic yes!

02-13-18_5-40-11 PM.png


I had some fun just playing (I did say I was taking a break, didn’t I?) Eli came out from her grave and helped a bit around the house. So sweet of her!

02-13-18_5-45-34 PM.png

Some good news for Pearl – she got a promotion!

art book collator pearl.png

We celebrated by having her paint again! Hooray! Working never stops!

02-13-18_5-59-15 PM.png

Angel, Rosie’s brother Damien’s lifelong girlfriend, finally passed away.


Their son, Tyree, is good looking on his own now so if you like him go ahead and find him (if you can get the gallery working…)


Oh! Rosie completed her assigned aspiration! I’m so proud of her. I hardly had to do anything. We are proving that it IS possible to complete aspirations easily on short. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO (AND NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL).

sous chef.pngrosie.png

I’ll finish this disjointed post with a question for you…


02-13-18_6-08-04 PM.png

No, seriously, who are they? Her eyes are cracking me up!


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  1. This was so cute! It’s so funny how fast EVERYTHING goes and you’re making me once again want to do a short legacy darn you. I got all mushy seeing Moose. I think that’s one of the reasons I haven’t really played mine, he’s about to age to an elder. 😦 That last pic is hilarious and CT is right it’s begging for a caption. They surely look up to no good.

    Liked by 1 person

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