The Xilla Project: Snapshots of Ten

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

Yesterday was my tenth birthday; can you believe that?

10-08-17_9-46-16 PM


Lili had all the other kids over and we had cake. Pixit got me a little butterfly plushie and it’s really cute! I pretended to be like Lili and boss it around.

However, I didn’t get the one thing I really wanted: a kitten. I think Lili could tell I was disappointed. I made sure to give her my best “I am so sad!” face.

10-08-17_10-34-00 PM


I feel like it did the trick. I bet we’ll have a cat within the month!

10-08-17_10-34-20 PM



Well, it’s been more than a month but still no kitten. Lili tried to make a deal with me.

10-08-17_10-26-09 PM


If I did my chores and schoolwork without complaining like I usually do she’d take a look at some pet adoption websites.

Ha! This couldn’t be easier! I went to work right away.

10-08-17_10-05-38 PM


I even started cleaning without prompting!

10-08-17_10-17-25 PM


10-08-17_10-18-22 PM



Ugh, there’s a snag in my plan.

12-07-17_10-36-56 PM.png


“Uncle Adam” came over the other day like he does sometimes.

10-14-17_8-40-23 PM


He can be annoying so I decided it would be fun to, ya know, scare him!

10-14-17_8-41-37 PM 10-14-17_8-41-49 PM


I was right, it was very fun!

10-14-17_8-42-22 PM


Lili didn’t see that time but she did seem to notice later when we were sitting together after dinner.

10-14-17_8-44-27 PM


10-14-17_8-45-04 PM


She looked like she wanted to scold me so I quickly popped up all innocent and went into the kitchen to take out the trash.

10-14-17_8-45-50 PM


She couldn’t say anything after THAT!

10-14-17_8-46-03 PM



Man, do I know how to work the system or what?

10-14-17_8-47-08 PM


Lili asked me to help her with her garden.

10-14-17_8-49-33 PM


I really didn’t want to help so I pretended to be sick!

10-14-17_8-50-22 PM


She definitely fell for it and said I could go inside to work on my homework so… I did! I think I might rather do my homework than get dirty outside, you know?

10-14-17_8-53-35 PM


The next day was the same sort of request. She asked me to help her again because I had been playing all morning and not sick-like. I talked back to her and she didn’t like that.

10-14-17_8-56-03 PM


She put me to work anyway and my fake sickness didn’t work this time…

10-14-17_8-56-29 PM



Ugh, I woke up this morning and I was ACTUALLY sick! Tragedy!!!

12-07-17_9-41-27 PM


I had an awful pinky stripey rash. I was too horrid to look at…

12-07-17_9-44-01 PM


Lili was very sympathetic and nice to me and let me skip school. That was pretty awesome. Still no kitten, though…


AN: It just so happened that I decided to have Xilla be ten years old and this is the tenth chapter! Accidental awesome. 🙂

It also turns out that I finished this challenge just before Christmas! I’ll do my best to complete the story with the screenshots available to me so I can add another completed story to my list!

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    1. She brought it on herself! XD

      This actually happened to me once in grade school. I was never sick enough to stay home so one time I pretended to be extra sick and got away with it. The next day I actually had a fever so I was double sick and had twice as much homework to make up. It was not worth it. XD

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