The Xilla Project: Eight

Here’s another time hop. Try not to be shocked. 😉


Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87 (Child 87)
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

My name is Xilla. Just so you know it’s not pronounced “Zilla”. It’s pronounced “Tseela” or even “Zeela” if you have trouble saying the “ts-” sound. It’s OK if you say it wrong, though, I don’t mind; I know that some kids have trouble saying words.

09-27-17_11-58-46 PM


Today I am eight years old. We had a cake and Lili’s family came over.

09-27-17_11-45-57 PM


Well, I guess they are my family, too. They asked me to call them “grandma” or “uncle” or whatever… I do but only because it’s easy and it makes them feel nice.

09-27-17_11-46-20 PM


It’s not so easy to call Lili my mama, though. I just don’t need to. She and I aren’t really like that. She never asked me, either.

09-27-17_11-52-24 PM


I am pretty sure I had a real mama at some point… I think… Or maybe I just read about it in books or saw on TV and just assumed I did. That would be crazy though if I didn’t have a mother. Doesn’t everyone? Isn’t that how biology works?

09-27-17_11-51-46 PM


Lili does act like a TV mama sometimes. She’s gotten really good at being stern.

09-27-17_11-58-01 PM


It doesn’t always work on me, though. I act like a TV kid in response. You know, eye rolling and all that stuff. I think I’m pretty good at acting.

09-27-17_11-58-09 PM


Sometimes if I’m really defiant she sends me to time out. I don’t mind because then I can nap in peace.

09-28-17_12-00-08 AM


Lili probably isn’t even bothered when she sends me to time out. I bet she’s just glad to have some alone time.

09-28-17_12-00-30 AM



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Bonus shot:
The poor dears were both EXHAUSTED during the birthday party and they happened to pass out next to each other, haha!

09-27-17_11-54-42 PM


    1. Thanks! She sort of became bratty as I wrote, ha! Now I have one middle chapter to mesh her personality with the outgoing and sweet Xilla that appears in the collab chapter coming up! I’ve just about got it but this was what I was afraid of! XD

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    1. She certainly does have attitude!!! I like to think she’s a good little actress because she can put up a good front when they’re visiting others. In my save she’s a butt. I guess I can maybe blame the mean lot trait!

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