8 Toddlers – Day 7


SO. OH YAH, I was a meanie and left you on a cliffhanger! I don’t normally have the chance to wield so much power! Well, I’m impatient so you won’t have to wait any longer!

What WAS the thing they were looking at yesterday?

Huh! It looks like a new building just went up next door! How come we didn’t notice the construction? SO VERY CURIOUS. Oh well.






You know what that means…



Okay, okay, calm down, Megs.

Before we left we had to feed some of the kids; we don’t want any crabs (but that’s inevitable, isn’t it?).



After that we were off!



Gosh, that’s a pretty lot! (You can find it on the gallery!)

Megs was hungry so she went in first followed by the Tod Squad.


Megs ended up making fruit salad! Can’t have too much fruit salad.



While she was prepping the meal, a LOT was going on.

Nina and Ryu were talking up a storm, Briella found a new bear friend, Aya tore it down on the dance floor, and Greg and Lori went down for a nap.


With so much to do no one should feel unhappy!

Well, maybe not Coty. He can be a grump sometimes.



Attention bars were getting low so Megs checked to see who she could invite over. In the end, trusty Fanny Pack came over in his awesome sweater. Luca was so excited he went out to greet him.



Megs was finally done with the food so she called everyone to the meal. No one has time for high chairs, no way. And, of course toddlers have magic pockets that allow them to carry full plates with them without a mess.



As the eaters traveled to their destination (we’ll see in a moment) they passed the dance team.



Megs decided that eating in the kitchen was lame so she prepared to trek past the dance team herself…



She took a quick breather to eat her fruit salad and entertain Lori but quickly got up after this to make some more food. Fruit salad was NOT filling enough!



Inspired by the other eaters, the dance team moved in to… THE BEAR CIRCLE.



It sort of looks like they’re at a meeting…



(This lot is so freakin cute, ugh!)



Megs finally sat down again with the rest of the food and joined the Bear Circle.



After all that eating, though, they were quite tired. It was nap time.



Tempers were starting to flare up from angry moodlets. Ryu destroyed the castle right in front of Lori!



There was a lot of red and blue in our kid panel so Megs decided it was time for the Tod Squad to go home.

Before leaving Aya admired the art work one last time.



And I took a pic of this area just for good measure since we didn’t use it, lol. Perhaps after the birthday party we can revisit…



With that we were back home. Some were stinky.



They all went to bed.




Megs took a bath. She needed a break. I needed a break…



Oh, but perhaps I’ve misled you. It was only 7 PM when they got back and into bed. The day was far from over.

A few hours went by. Schell fixed the castle Sergio destroyed – thanks, bud!



Aaaaaand then the kids started waking up again. Schell and Megs gave a few baths between the two of them. Luca was thankful to no longer be a stinky butt.



Schell oversaw food time again (how much can these children eat?!).



And Megs took to trying to make Greg happy!


I think it worked. I don’t know. It’s really hard to get attention up quickly. I have not learned the best way to combat that yet.

It was finally getting closer to the REAL end of the day.



Megs passed out. I think this is an appropriate reaction to the end of this challenge.



Well, we learned a lot. For one, eight toddlers is too many toddlers.



  • Silly kids gain imagination fastest of everyone (Mr. Greg!).
  • If you get the thinking skill past 2 or 3 (I can’t remember!) the nightmares start going away are less frequent. (PS: Here’s a MOD to reduce them! PRAISE!)
  • All kids learn communication well enough if they just exist.
  • The movement skill makes them CRAZY fast. Nina just ZOOMS around the lot now, haha. See what I mean?


If I had one regret it would be that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the perks of each toddler trait. We found out the silly one by coincidence thanks to ninjapigsims. As for skills, I didn’t even get to experience the no nightmares raerei found from the thinking skill. Oh well. Water under the bridge.

Finishing up, day eight will be all about the birthday party! We’ll really try to get all our adult friends there and we’ll also spend some time reviewing the Tod Squads’ skills and relationships.

Until then, ta ta!!!

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  1. Seeing all the toddlers clamber up the steps to the kindergarten made me smile so much! They’re such a cute but super rambunctious bunch. Also…DANCE PARTY! 😀

    Well done on managing the seven days with all toddlers in reasonably good spirits! I didn’t know about the thinking = less nightmares bit! That’s really enlightening. 🙂

    Hoping the birthday party goes well! Can’t wait for the next part.

    Liked by 1 person

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