8 Toddlers – Day 6

Day 6…

This is my attempt at the 7 toddler challenge BUT with 8 instead.


Day six was SUPER uneventful. Like, boringly so. The kids are sooo talented now that they can do whatever they need on their own. Also, do you know how FAST they can get? It’s a little scary. It’s like they’re super charged streaks of terror and snot.

Needless to say this will be a shorter than average post – sorry, guys!

When I booted up half of them were sleeping and it was 3 AM. Some time later (IDK WHEN) Briella got a text from Fanny Pack.



First things first: HOW? She does not have a phone. Second, she certainly cannot READ.

Third, he’s still in his clown makeup.

Consider this: His Nanny job is actually his side gig and he lives as a clown for the rest of his life. 🙂

This morning the food couch was ladies only. Briella and Nina traded stories about their mornings so far. Aya sat in the middle, content to listen.



The rest of them decided to have breakfast in bed! The other side of the room had two or three more kids eating as well.



Some more stuff happened. I kept finding Ryu OUTSIDE. Seriously – it was more than once.



Like, I don’t even remember seeing him leave. I wonder if he’s magically teleporting or something. OR maybe he’s found a hole under the fence that a mischievous secret pet dug up. (We don’t have that content yet so guess we can scratch that… 😉 )

Moving on, I saw the notice for Valentines Day boosts when I loaded the game and decided to have Megs get some of that. She called up Jasmine and got her boost! I hope it makes a difference with the kids.



She and Schell are still at the lower portion of the friendship bar on most of the kids. Fanny Pack is friends with EVERYONE. Nina still hates Megs, lol. We’re going to have to explore this later.

Megs also called and invited all their acquaintances over. Mariah couldn’t come, shame, but the rest of the squad showed up. She didn’t invite Sergio because he has a bad track record with breaking our doll houses. He’s 0-2.

Some time later we heard a knock at the door. The guy that came in was new; I’d never seen him before! He was shocked to see so many toddlers in one room. Megs is all, “whatevs, this is my life now.”



He showed up during our potty check time so he was in and out of the main room repeatedly. I have a suspicion that he’s a vampire, too. I kept hearing hissing but couldn’t catch him actually doing it. THEN he threw up on our front walk way!



In his defense, he decided to help us out and picked up trash a couple times. I appreciate that. Oh, and that guy next to him – I have no idea who he is. Probably another sneaky vampire…

Anyway, turning back time a little bit. After the friends came over, they all went into the backyard for some dancing. Something was really distracting them next door…



HM I WONDER WHAT IT IS. Perhaps we’ll find out what’s going on later…


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  1. Oh no! Only two days left!!! The idea with the booster is great! I hope it works than I would like to try that myself… I have know a housewold with 13 toddlers (I know,I know … but I blame you for it than it was idea with your 8 lovelies!!!
    The vampires are bodering, I don’t know if EA intend to fix it … it woul be perfect if we could choose if we want vampires or not 🙂
    Nex door? Hmm… I think this must be your creative writing… I am nevertheless very curious about it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heheeee! I am pleased to inspire you to take on 13 toddlers – THAT IS NUTS. 8 Is already too many. I have…. almost 20 SIMS in a household for my amazon challenge and it is TOO MUCH. I might have to send them underground (literally, LOL) to play it again.

      And next door… you’ll see! I wish I could have found a different sort of lot than the one that’s there BUT I don’t have time for that nonsense, lol! BUT I’m working on day 7 right now! Then… a birthday party. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are actually the toddlers from my 4 BFF Families – I let them move together … the 4 daddies come everyday and also take care of the kiddies… it is so funny! I am lovin playing it! One save I will keep forever! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Clown Fanny Pack is a legitimate theory. That guy seems like he leads a super interesting and eventful life beyond what we know…

    Seeing the girls have girl time on the couch was so cute! 🙂

    Also, that dude is super suspicious! I didn’t know that Sims could throw up on the ground!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What? You left us on a cliffhanger? So cruel! That vampire throwing up was gross. Also, what’s the deal with them taking out everyone’s trash. I’ve had it happen to me and have seen it several times on Twitter. Are vampires wired to take out trash? That’s just strange. Fanny Pack texting as a clown had me laughing. How do they get the texts if they don’t have phones? Are they hard-wired into toddlers brains and they just recieve messages? Perhaps that’s why they don’t need to read to get the texts. Anyways, great chapter as usual and I’m gonna be sad when you’re done with this challenge although I’m sure you won’t be!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahahaha. Love it. The party was a great idea and hot dog Meg’s is such a cutie! It’s her smile I think. I loved the shots of a toddler wandering down the block. What an adventure! Reminds me of visiting my great aunt’s house when I was like 4 or 5. She lived down the block and I got to walk there By Myself….Little knowing my mom watched the whole thing from the window. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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