Cloud Prettacy: 1.6

Been a while, huh? I felt like checking up on Cosmo and his not-so-little family the last couple evenings. The first night I opened it but was too tired to play so the poor guys stayed paused for several hours while I did other things instead of sleep like I felt like. Yesterday morning after church, however, I got some play time in. Hooray!

On the docket today we had two birthdays. Nice. I had to cheat again and give everyone a mood boost because I forgot how hard it was to take care of 10 sims. And this is coming from the person who wants to bring a spare and child  back into the legacy house… Pretend I didn’t say that…

First up was Cosmo for his adult birthday. The last thing I needed was for him to be all mopey because I forgot!

05-15-16_1-04-51 PM.png


Next up was second son, Loki. I love his kid look. He’s precious. His mother is Ulrike, don’t forget, so I expected to see another thin face.

05-15-16_1-23-43 PM.png


I was WRONG. He deffo inherited his dad’s jawline, yikes.

05-15-16_1-38-50 PM.png


So, it’s likely he’ll not be our heir.

Off topic, I really don’t like this house. It is WAY too big. I would rather their home look like a dorm or something where there is a bedroom with small attached bathroom, open living space and kitchen, and then maybe a couple activity rooms. This house has TOO MUCH GOING ON. I am gonna start breaking the rules even more soon. I just want to see the genetics. That’s the reason I wanted to do this challenge…

Anyway, that was your super short update on the prettacy. Remember, this was originally for tumblr so please don’t expect a novel. We’re chill in prettacy land, super chill… 😉

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        1. It does. The rules are different from a female prettacy in that you have to have a house of so-much amount and make enough money to pay the bills. You can sell things but the point is to stay in luxury and when you run out you’re done. I don’t think my laptop can handle luxury! lol!!!

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  1. He looks so funny! And also cute. Have you already builded your dorm? Whenn I play I love to see my sims together and mostly on the same floor :))).
    I hope someday you play your prettacy again. It is really funny and cute. 🙂

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      1. Yay! I am happy about it. I really would like to know who will be the heir – I think Draco? I would like to do the same (play, I mean, add two more toddlers to the family but unfortunately I must sleep soon because of my work tomorrow. 🙂

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