Build Newcrest: Chapter 2.5

This is a mismatched update. Just wait til you read it…

While Eddie and Shauna were away on their honeymoon, my parents asked to have a chat with Amira and I. Dad was saying how they were so proud of how we stuck together even though we’ve had setbacks in our relationship. Truthfully, we’ve never really fought. It was awkward but I kept a smile on my face; Amira looked tense. I held her hand to help but it didn’t do any good.

02 27 16 10 06 14  AM


We finished our conversation and started to disperse. Amira and Dad still hadn’t finished eating (they both claimed they were starving even though it was 2 in the afternoon) so I went inside to get a soda. I wonder what they talked about without me. Probably nothing. Or elf culture. (AN: Or why she keeps turning August down!)

02 27 16 10 02 34  AM  02 27 16 10 02 37  AM

One afternoon Angie and her friend, Corey, decided to ditch school after lunch.

02 27 16 10 09 29  AM


I knew this because Angie texted me with a picture. She was like,

"lol look at c break it down!"
02 27 16 10 13 11  AM


She never was one for subtlety.

The problem we had now is that they took a train all the way to freakin’ WINDENBURG. Amira was with me at the time and she decided to come with me to pick them up. By the time we got there school was just about to let out. Of course.

Now – okay, listen. I’m still not the most responsible. When we got there I texted Angie and she said they were about to see a movie, then eat dinner, then come home. There was no point in me scolding her, honestly. If I could count all the times Amira and I skipped class… well.

So we decided to get dinner and then have an evening out. Sweet.

Dinner was great. Dancing was better.

02 27 16 10 14 21  AM


02 27 16 10 15 41  AM


Yeah, dancing…

02 27 16 10 18 15  AM


Okay, so I keep my engagement ring in my pocket just in case the mood hits.

The mood was there.

02 27 16 10 19 31  AM



02 27 16 10 19 50  AM



02 27 16 10 20 14  AM


In the words of my sister “I can’t even”.

02 27 16 10 21 28  AM


On the train ride home we sat together with a happy quietness between us, little comments about the scenery here or there. Oh, but do you know what she did tell me? Seeing how forgiving I was of my little sister made her all emotional and “lovey” and she suddenly wasn’t nervous about getting married anymore. She started to cry when she told me that. Seems a little weird to me. I don’t know what that was all about…

It’s been a bit since our engagement. Mom and Dad were thrilled, of course.

With our new situation, though, Dad thought we should talk about the heir stuff again. We got an ear full.

02 27 16 9 59 40  AM


I REALLY don’t like talking about it anymore. Can’t we all be the heir? There’s still no official word on his ruling. It could be any of us…

Just gonna say this out front… It’s been a while since “events” happened, so I can tell you without gettin’ all weepy and stuff…

Anyway, the day of our wedding came and most of us gathered in the family park for a day of celebration. Mom and dad were in a super mood. Who can blame them? They were about to marry off another kid!

02 27 16 10 50 34  AM


Just as Amira finished calling the mixologist to check the time…

02 27 16 10 56 22  AM


…my parents stepped out of the taxi and… dad fell to the ground.

02 27 16 10 56 35  AM


It took a while for us to realize what was going on but when we did that was it! Grim didn’t even stay! He magically poofed up an urn and disappeared. I think he must have been late for something or whatever. Sort of rude. I’ll have to talk to him next time he shows up (hopefully no time soon).

02 27 16 10 57 58  AM  02 27 16 10 58 41  AM


After the tears had dried a little we settled Dad near the park homestead and, for some reason, it felt like we could call to him. (AN: Did you know you can now summon ghosts? Maybe it’s from MCC but it’s GREAT!)

02 27 16 11 02 08  AM


He showed up and some of us felt a little better. Angie was almost completely normal (for Angie standards, at least).

02 27 16 11 03 17  AM


After getting our bearings Mom encouraged us to go ahead and have our wedding anyway since Dad was there in spirit. We were ALL still sad but agreed anyway.

02 27 16 11 09 42  AM


Before the ceremony Amira was acting a little strange. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. It didn’t matter because she looked beautiful. It was like I was staring at someone new but still the same…

02 27 16 11 08 14  AM


That’s a bit poetic for me, don’t you think?

After we were married and the cake cut, I went inside to change (tuxes are NOT comfortable). Amira caught me inside and told me she had a secret…

02 27 16 11 17 48  AM


She was pregnant!

02 27 16 11 17 27  AM


It was honestly the best news ever!

02 27 16 11 18 03  AM


Turns out before she told me she told my dad.

02 27 16 11 11 22  AM


He was so happy he cried…

02 27 16 11 11 34  AM


Regardless of who becomes heir I think we have it all figured out.

02 27 16 11 14 31  AM


  1. Wow. Yay. OMG! What? Wow! What a chapter. First, I’m so glad she FINALLY accepted the proposal. I was gonna say something about maybe elves don’t marry nomdish. But she did! Condolences on Eji. What a great life he had.

    This was a really awesome chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL that proposal! XD

    So happy for August though. Finally! I’m also happy to see that Amira gets along fabulously with her father-in-law. That almost makes up for all the rejections. 😉

    RIP Eiji! But less of the R, it seems – he spent most of his death partying with the rest of the family at the wedding! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😍😍😍

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! I was eyeing this save file the other day and really wanted to pop in so I think I’ll be able to continue soon!


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